Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So far so good

I started the estrogen patches last week. So far the schedule has been:

Feb 5: 1 patch
Feb 7: Change patch and replace with 1 patch
Feb 9: Change patch and replace with 1 patch
Feb 11: Change patch and replace with 1 patch. Check estradiol.

I went in for my E2 level today. They wanted the level to be above 50, and mine came back at 140. The nurse was super excited. I wanted to tell her to bite her tongue and not jinx anything for me. I don't want "the evil eye" on this cycle at all! 

I have to now move on to 2 patches on Friday, then 3 patches on Sunday, and 4 on Tuesday. I go in for an u/s on 2/19. On the 20th, I start my beloved (not!!) progesterone suppositories. Another blood test on 2/22 and we'll be all set for ET on 2/25!! 

I have to tell you of an incident that happened this morning at the lab. I was signing in for my blood work, and just as I stepped away from the counter, someone else walked up with a CCRM lab slip in her hand. So of course I asked her if she went to CCRM and we got talking. She did some cycles locally and then finally went to Dr Schoolcraft in CCRM. She did her ET on 1/23, and got her BFP last week. I felt so much hope from talking to her!! She also told me the name of the high risk pregnancy OB that she's seeing. That made me feel even more hopeful, and I'll explain why. 

With my first pregnancy that ended in a m/c, I was given a list of MFM high risk doctors to see, and I had made an appointment with one of them. My m/c happened before my appointment with her, and since then I somehow had this feeling in my mind that I would not go back to that list. Somehow, I can't picture myself going to that building in And because I can't picture myself seeing those doctors, it had started making me believe that I will never have my own child. But of late, I've been thinking I'll probably find another doctor - someone outside of that list. Lo and behold, I meet this woman, and she gives me a name - and apparently this doctor has done some research work with Dr Schoolcraft as well!  

Coming back to the lab this morning. I got called in for my blood draw, and when I came out, she got called in. So I didn't take her full name or number or anything. I only know her name is Jennifer. I wish I had exchanged contact details with her! She was so helpful! In the few minutes we spoke, she gave me her experience of the acupuncture, the transfer, and so much more! 

Some bullet point updates:

  • We have decided that we will do the acupuncture at CCRM. Many of you have recommended it, and we agree that given the fact that we've come so far and spent so much, a few hundred more won't matter in the long run! 
  • I heard that the prescription prenatals I'm on ( One) is being recalled by the FDA (April - were you filling a prescription that the pharmacy called you about? I know you mentioned they told you the prenatals were being recalled) I asked CCRM and they said they would give me a new prescription, but I could finish the bottle I'm on right now. So I'm trusting them with that. 
  • Some of you asked about how I was planning to dispose of my sharps. One time about a year or so ago, I carried that whole container to a pharmacy to ask them if they would dispose it for me. They refused. I went to another place. They refused too. So I brought everything back home, and as of now, the intent is to keep them as my trophy. Something to remind me of this phase of my life - and just looking at the number of needles I have in that box makes me feel brave and strong! 


Miss Tori said...

Perhaps you can give your contact information to the receptionist, and have her call Jennifer with it. That way her privacy is protected and they don't have to worry about HIPAA.

Re my hair, I've had this style before, and I asked for it again because it is so easy and quick to do! Total time doing my hair with this style is 3-5 minutes, which includes putting the product in, blow drying it using a difuser, straightening the bangs, and spraying with hair spray. I just make sure when I'm putting the towel on my head when I'm finished showering that I dry it very well with the towel before I wrap my head, which really cuts down on the hair dryer time.

Michelle said...

KMart will take your sharps

Darya said...

I'm so excited for your cycle! That's great that you got the name of an OB. I hope you run into Jennifer again.
BTW- I agree on the pre and post acupuncture and I'm glad you are doing it. I'm usually skeptical about stuff like that but there are studies that show the pre/post treatment makes a difference with IVF patients.

April said...

Hi. I had a creepy interaction today and needed to change blogs. Transitioning to a new site that I don't want to publish on my blog:


my pharm D friend told me that the primacare was just reformulated and is still good. most pharmacies will just substitute the rx.

i'm so excited for your e2 level!!

your ET is the day before my birthday!

Elle said...

Hmm, I've heard that a hospital or a fire station (???) will take your sharps off your hand.

Or you could just make some awesome art with them :)

Chhandita said...

Am so excited for you Nikki... Next time you come to Hyd. hope we both have kiddos and stories to share :)

Caroline said...

Hi Nikki,

The "coincidental" meeting with Jennifer is such a great sign! How inspiring that she got a BFP from the same clinic.

perhcancetodream said...

Hi Nikki - Delurking for a minute here.

1. Acupuncture is great. Enjoy it. I know it doesn't sound like it but it's quite relaxing.

2. The Prima-care recall is due to some processing rule that they aren't following. I don't think that there is anything at all wrong with the meds. They're just trying to cover themselves.

My doctor takes my sharps back. I'm sure that any other one would as well.

Best of luck!

MamaSoon said...

That is so cool about the new high risk ob and your 'jennifer'.

can't your local re take your sharps from you? I was thinking of sneaking mine into the vets office along with my kitty's insulin needles.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Great news!!

With the sharps I was told to contact my town and ask about disposal... still haven't done that. Oops!

margelina said...

It's so amazing how the universe seems to give us what we need at just the right time. I'm so glad you met that woman! Good choice, and can't wait to see the results! Love your idea about the sharps box. You are right, that is some trophy! I'm surprised no one would dispose of it for's not like you were trying to give them a handful of needles!

Kymberli said...

Dontcha just luuurrve plastering those little patches all over your hips and tummy? I'm so glad to hear that everything is progressing so well thus far. My little sister's bday is 2/25, so that has to be a little bit of good luck!

I wanted to come over and thank you bunches for all of the support you've shown to me in the past couple of weeks. I'm ready to swing that right back your way!

Tori said...

Hi Nikki,
I'm getting very excited for you! I really think you should see a high risk Dr. for your pregnancy care...(JMO) I feel so much more at ease with my Peri because this is want they do best is to keep women health and PG for as long as possible. I'm glad you are doing the accupunk as I know you enjoyed that. Good luck sweetie!


Angie said...

Yay! Love the good news so far, keep it coming! And what a blessing to meet someone local who has had success at CCRM - hopefully, you'll be able to connect with her somehow!

Clio said...

i love when these coincidences happen... meeting the woman from CCRM, her being pregnant, giving you names you needed... it feels so right. :)))