Friday, February 27, 2009

Answers to some questions

Thanks so much to all of you for responding to my last post. I loved all the WTF responses! Sometimes that's all one needs to put a smile on ones face. That and maybe a few shots of tequila would put a nice big smile on ones face. But oh, no alcohol, sorry. :-)

Today is a new day, and I've been doing a lot of thinking. With the amount of estrogen being pumped into my body right now, it's a little hard to even think straight actually. But I'm trying.

First and foremost - a lining problem is a trivial problem in the large scheme of things. I understand that. The bigger battle has been fought and won. We have 4 normal blasts on ice waiting for us. They aren't going anywhere. Therefore we do have the luxury of time.

Having said that, it brings me back to the fact that I now have a lining problem. That bothers me because I never had a problem making a lining before. While it's a small thing, it's just one more problem to tackle. Every time we find a problem and fix it, and we think that we've identified the issue, and NOW things will get better, a new problem pops up. Every single time. And like some of you said - it takes a lot of stamina to get up and face a new issue with everything else that's going on!

Some of you asked me if it could be because of the fact that my surgery was so recent. Answer: I don't know. My surgery was 4 months ago, at the end of October. If I get cancelled next week, and we have to start all over again, will I make a better lining? I don't know.

My gut feel? I feel that the surgery could be causing my uterus to scar. My body creates scar tissue. I know that from my knee injury / surgeries. I had one knee surgery, and it ended up becoming 4 knee surgeries because of the scarring that kept happening. I knew that, and I had told Dr. Sch that I was worried about doing the surgery because my uterus may develop scar tissue. (He had said if there is scarring, it happens immediately after the surgery, and to prevent that, he was using that balloon {remember my fan pull tail?}) And it's not just the one surgery. I've had a couple of D&Cs as well. Now I don't know if my uterus is developing scar tissue or not. But I feel like this may be the reason. And if this is the reason, then I probably won't make a thicker lining next month either.

Tori - you asked about Viagra. I asked the nurse last week when I was being postponed the first time. She said being on Viagra for one week may not make a difference. At that time she was pretty sure the estrace suppositories was all my body needed.

I have always talked about how my body responds well to medication, haven't I? Well, apparently it doesn't. I mean, to not grow even 1mm after being a week on estrace is weird. Strongblonde, you asked if they measured multiple times. Yes, the RE measured again and again. My uterus is retroverted and sometimes it's hard to get a lining measurement, so he takes several readings each time any way.

How am I doing? I know some of you have said time and again that I need to think positively. You know, I can't make myself do that. I'm a rational person, and I like to keep my hopes up, but I like to be realistic. If I feel positive, great, and if I don't, I can't make myself do it. And my gut is not jumping up and down with positivity right now. We'll see how it does over the course of the week. In the meantime, I'm doing all the medication etc that is required. And I'm doing it all diligently.

So I'm doing ok. I'm willing to give it one more week. But I'm being realistic about it. If I grow a beautiful lining next week, HURRAH!! If I don't, I'm taking a break. The entire past year has been devoted to IVFs and in the process, I have reduced myself to nothing but my IF. I have let it shake my self esteem, my confidence in my body, in my abilities. If next week brings bad news, then I'm going to side-step a little. I need to take a breather, regain some of my life back.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Still a no-go

I'm trying to process my failure right now, and I don't know what to say.

My lining today was still at 4.9 mm. EXACTLY the same as last week. My local RE (he's been helping with all my monitoring here) said he's sorry. He thinks it could be because of the surgery, because he knows how my lining has grown for 3 IVF cycles with him.

We walked out of the clinic assuming we were being cancelled. I didn't even do my morning dose of estrace today.

And the nurse called - pretty late by their usual routine. It was after 5 PM in CO when she called. And she said they want to try me for one more week. I was expecting to be cancelled, but she said lets try it one more time.

So now I have to continue my 4 patches every other day, increase the estrace suppository to three times a day, and add an intramuscular estrogen injection twice a week to the mix. If the lining still hasn't responded by next week, I'm getting cancelled. I also decided to do acupuncture, even if it is absolutely last minute. But I need any help that it can give me at this stage. I've scheduled an appointment for Saturday.

I'm tired of the games IF is playing with me. EVERY fucking thing that can go wrong, HAS gone wrong at some point or the other. EVERY damn thing! This morning DH and I actually had a very serious conversation about possibly proceeding further with a GC. Someone with a proven womb. Not me. My womb can't be trusted.

I'm giving it this last one week for things to improve. If not, I give up. I don't have the stamina to fight any more. I'm tired and I need a break.

I have a lot of things on my mind, and will write a more detailed and coherent post later. Right now my thoughts are rushing out over each other, and I'm feeling very jumbled, defeated and confused.

My uterus can't grow a lining - how on earth will it grow a whole baby???

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I shouldn’t be here right now writing this. Today shouldn’t have been the way it is. I should have been 40 weeks pregnant, in active labor, or waiting to be in labor, or with a brand new infant. Nothing about this should have turned out the way it did.

I still have a copy of the “Save the date” email I sent to my brother, sister and their spouses: “The bun is in the oven. It is expected to be ready on 2/24/09”.

The oven turned out to be faulty, and the poor bun has long since gone, and is nowhere close to being ready.

Prima facie, life has moved on. But when you look, only time has moved on. I’m still where I was when all of this started. We wanted a baby then. We still want a baby now. We are still here, wanting, and waiting.

And sadly, my third loss didn’t even get a fitting tribute from me. All I felt was stunned anger. With my first loss I was a heartbroken mess. With my second, deep deep sadness (albeit with the “solace” that it was a chemical pregnancy, and under normal circumstances we may not have known that it had even happened). The third loss – nothing. Just plain anger and frustration.

I reasoned with myself that I didn’t react the same way with my third loss as with my first because we had not got to see a heartbeat ever. Whatever be the reason, my baby did not get the love and honor it deserved – not even from me, and I feel bad about that today.

I write poems when I’m emotional – and I wrote and dedicated one each to my first and second losses (they are here and on my side bar). But I have not written poetry since then. I have no words to describe the numbness in my heart.

And yet, I’ve stayed addicted to hope, trying to plod on and come out victorious over IF. That’s what took us to CCRM and through this excruciatingly long last IVF cycle. That was June/July 2008, and this is the end of Feb 2009. Long IVF cycle, yes?

I had been making myself feel totally positive for the FET. Then my cousin’s news came and threw me into a funk mentally. And then my lining check last week was the frosting on the nasty cake. Try as I might, I’ve not been able to get back into feeling positive about my FET.

I’m tired. I know that if my FET doesn’t work, I won’t have the strength to try again (can’t even think of another FET at this point). And I know that if the FET works and something goes wrong with the pregnancy again, I won’t know how to find the strength to carry on with life.

I guess I’m just feeling low today, and I wish today had turned out differently for DH and me.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


We have friends that love Simba, and very willingly baby sit him when we travel out of town. Since we were supposed to be going to Denver on Tuesday, we had spoken with them about Simba staying with them while we were out. They agreed of course, but on the condition that they get to spend at least one weekend with Simba. So we had all agreed that Simba would go to their house this weekend, and come back home after we return from Denver. Our plans got changed, but our friends had already made plans around Simba this weekend, so we agreed to have him go spend the weekend with them.

They picked him up last night, and right now, I’m missing him terribly! I woke up this morning and went downstairs and it struck me that Simba is such a huge part of this house and our family that it is impossible to imagine life without him! The house is so silent. Not that Simba is a magic dog that talks, but he communicates. He makes us talk to him. He makes us have the semblance of a normal life, the feeling that we are in fact parents. He makes me refer to DH as Dadda when I talk to him, and makes DH refer to me as Mama. “Where’s Dadda, Simba?” makes him run and look for DH.

I’ve written about Simba before, and I mention him often here on my blog. Simba came into our lives when our first IVF failed. We had a huge need to parent, and take care of a little life dependent on us, and DH thought bringing a puppy home would be just the thing for us. It was. The little ball of fur, all of 6 weeks when he came home, was a wonderful outlet to our parenting instinct and our need to nurture something.

If the last 3.5 years of parenting Simba is any projection of how we’d be as parents, then I can’t wait for us to be parents to a real human baby! DH surprises me by being so gentle and calm with Simba, and I surprise myself with being so very patient with him. He knows Dadda is the one who takes him out and makes him play fetch, but he knows that if he’s in trouble, and Dadda is angry, then Mama will take care of him. He knows that if he comes and looks at me in a certain way, I’ll know he is hungry or is thirsty.

It was a scary realization today that if we didn’t have Simba in the house, and if our lives had proceeded the same way in other aspects, ie, if we were infertile and had had those losses, and were where we are emotionally, mentally, physically, it would be a very very depressing and lonely existence. Just the 2 of us in the house to deal with all of these raw emotions would be too hard to bear. Not that Simba offers any emotional advice, but he just takes away so much pain by wagging his tail or licking the tears away!

After my ectopic pregnancy, we talked about getting another puppy – and we still might. It’s just that from then on we’ve been traveling to Denver practically every month, and we didn’t think it would be fair to bring home a new puppy and have to leave him/her in boarding or with friends so often.

All said and done, I miss the little guy! OK – he’s not little, he weighs over 90 lbs! Is it Sunday night yet? 

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I had my lining check ultrasound and E2 blood work today. 

My lining check didn't go well at all. My poor pathetic lining, after 2 weeks of Estrogen stickers was only at a measly 4.9 mm. No triple line pattern or anything - nowhere even close to it. Just a sad blurb, 4.9mm thick.

I spent the morning in panic mode. DH has been trying to calm me down, telling me that we have good blastocysts to transfer, so there is nothing to worry about. At the very worst, we'll get postponed. 

And postponed we got. The nurse just called - I'm being pushed out by a week. Instead of flying out on 2/24, we now fly out on 3/3, transfer on 3/4. My E2 level today was 382, and they wanted me to be over 300, so that was good. I thought there would be a correlation between the E2 level and the lining thickness. So if my E2 level is right where it should be, shouldn't my lining also have been right where it should be? 

They want the lining to be a minimum of 8mm, so I get to add estrace to my drug cocktail, only I get to have the pleasure of using the lovely blue pills as a suppository instead of a regular oral pill!! Yeah, been there, done that also before. I hate the blue discharge! 

I can't help but wonder if the surgery I had in October to fix the shape of my uterus could have anything to do with my lining being so thin this time? 

I need some thickening vibes please.... 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weighty issues - updated

Anyone dealing with or having dealt with infertility will agree. Apart from the very obvious – the inability to have a baby – infertility also brings with it these 2:


We all know how we’re incessantly waiting – waiting for results, waiting for doctor’s appointments, waiting for schedule, waiting to start cycling, waiting for results – and the cycle continues. While we wait, normal life occurs (ok, not NORMAL as it used to be – but the new normal that we’ve settled into)

And that’s where my struggle with weight comes in.

I’m going to bare my soul here and talk actual numbers and sizes. I know there will be people who will say: “Eeks, she’s FAT”, and there will be people who will say: “Please – you have no reason to complain, do you know what half the world weighs?” I understand. I don’t want to offend anyone or tick anyone off. I am not comparing myself with anyone else at all. I am comparing myself with me. Or who I used to be.

Before IVF#1 – I weighed 124 lbs. Size 4. I could happily wear short T-shirts that even showed a little tummy. And remember, I'm petite - I'm only about 5 ft 3 or 4 inches. 

After IVF#1, I sort of settled at 130 lbs – sometimes swinging to 132. Still ok. Size 4 pants still fit me ok, but I had bought a couple of size 6 pants for my “blah” days.

After IVF#2 – I was pregnant for a few weeks and my bloating from the injections and swollen ovaries continued right on. I could not button up any of my pants, and since I did not know better, I didn’t expect things to go wrong, and I ended up buying a couple of maternity pants / jeans. Three days after that trip to the mall, we found out the baby’s heart had stopped beating. My depression after the miscarriage made me go back pretty quickly to 130 lbs and to my size 4 pants.

IVF#3 and IVF#4 happened back to back – with IVF#3 I had a chemical pg, and with IVF# 4 I had an ectopic pregnancy, which was treated with methotrexate injections. My weight sort of plateaued at 134-136 lbs. My size 4s felt tight. My size 6s felt snug.

After IVF#4, I had surgery to fix my uterus, and then moved on to IVF#5. 

Now - in between ER and FET of IVF#5 – 138-140 lbs. Some of my size 4s won’t go over my knees. Some that do go up, look obscene. And my tummy mushrooms over them in a very very pathetic manner. My 6s feel tight. There is one pair of jeans that is close to comfortable and I’m tired of wearing them all the time. Other than that pair, I’m wearing drawstring or elastic waisted pants.

You can’t really go out in those pants. So like I said, while I am waiting for my cycle to continue, my weight dilemma weighs in on me.

Should I buy bigger clothes? No. I don’t want to, I hope to be pregnant, and I will wear my maternity pants then.
Should I wear maternity pants now? No, because I feel superstitious about jinxing my chances (don’t ask me to explain why).
Should I complain about my weight? No, the intention is to get pregnant and put on 25-30 lbs more.
So am I happy about my weight – the fact that I am 16lbs heavier than I was before IVF#1? No – I’m close to being depressed about it!

I know this is not the time to be worrying about my weight – and on most days, I don’t worry. I worry when I have to go out, and when I stand in my closet for ages KNOWING there’s nothing there that fits ok.

I’m the kind of person who gets motivation to lose weight when I’ve lost some already. That’s when I’m happy to shed more, and maintain it. When I put on weight, I lose all the motivation to move my blubbery self and do anything about it.

Once again, please, I don’t mean to offend anyone by talking actual numbers here. I am merely talking about ME, and how much I weigh. This is my opinion on myself, and about nobody else.

Weight - the unfortunate by-product of IF. And it's bothering me because I'm in waiting mode right now! Oh well.....

Update: I just realized I didn't mention this. Don't worry - I'm not on a diet or doing anything drastic. In fact, on the contrary, DH has decided that I need to drink "fattier" milk, so he's not letting me get my usual fat free dairy! I'm eating well, and eating healthy for the most part. I would not compromise anything for the chances of this FET to work!! :-)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rainbows and the like....

Through the rain, this is what we saw today. It has to mean something, doesn't it? Hope. Light at the end of the tunnel. Something to look forward to. 

I'm doing much better today. Thank you all once again for reaching out and helping me when I felt low. I don't know how I would get through days like yesterday or feelings like the ones I had yesterday without you guys! 

IF takes away so much from us, but in the process it gives us a lot too. My IF has given me a wonderful support group of people that get it. Had I not been infertile, I wouldn't be here, writing this right now, and I would have not had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people!

IF took away the innocence of an "oops" conception, and the joys of a pregnancy which proceeds without incident. In its wake, it left behind a paranoia which causes one to obsess over EVERY twinge, every symptom, or the lack thereof, a paranoia which will not subside no matter how much one tries to "stay calm".  

IF took away the carefree loud laugh and wicked sense of wit and humor I once possessed. In its wake, it left behind a large amount of bitterness. 

IF took away many treasured relationships, for one reason or another - both friends and family. In its wake, it left behind a lonely isolation. 

IF took away (from me) a career which could have, and was progressing extremely well. In its wake, it left behind a woman willing to give up EVERYTHING, for just one chance to have a baby. 

However, IF did give me a lot of compassion and a lot of insight. Like April said in her comment to my last post, IF makes our lows lower and our highs higher. It makes us much more tuned in and perceptive to others. I'm learning to harness that perception and reaching out to people who are suffering like me. I'm learning that by reaching out and supporting people, I'm not only helping them in their struggles, I am actually helping build a support system for myself too. 

More than anything, IF has shown me how strong I am, and how far and beyond far I'm willing to go to make my dreams come true. It has helped me prioritize my life, and has given me absolute lucidity on what's important to me. 

It has taught me to focus on hope, because sometimes, it's all you've got! It has taught me to look through the rain and find the rainbows......

Friday, February 13, 2009


I have been existing like an ostrich, with my head hidden in the sand, hoping to get past these days without event. In effect, in the last few weeks, I have managed to focus my attention and my emotions on the future, and pin my entire energy on being positive and hopeful. I was making an effort not to dwell on things that have gone wrong in the past, and to a large extent I was successful.

Today changed it all. Friday the thirteenth, indeed.

I have a cousin who I am very close to. Closer in many ways than I am to my own sister. We’ve grown up together, and shared every single detail of our lives with each other. Close enough that when I had my miscarriage in Nov 2007, and I wanted to get away for a few days, DH and I flew to the UK and stayed with her and her family. I couldn’t think of any place other than her place where I could feel some comfort in my darkest moments. Close enough that when her daughter was born in July 2004, they asked me to choose the baby’s name, and gave the baby the name I suggested.

Needless to say, my infertility is not hidden from her, and even more needless to say, she is fertile.

June 2008 – I got pregnant after IVF#4. Of course I informed her, and she was ecstatic! Flash forward a few weeks, my pregnancy turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy. I was shattered and totally broken. Of course I informed her, and surprisingly she didn’t call. She emailed me a couple of times, but it was unusual for her to not call me. She called a few weeks later, and cried on the phone. I asked her if she was crying because she was pregnant (I had a “feeling” about her). And she said yes.

She said her due date was exactly the same as what my due date was to be (2/24/09), and she didn’t know how to call me when I lost even that pregnancy. We both cried on the phone, and I told her that I understood that her life need not stop because mine was screwed up. I told her she need not feel any guilt at all. Of course I was happy for her, but after that phone call, I could never make myself call her again.

I may come across as uncaring, uninvolved and selfish, but the reality is – it’s self preservation. I’ve spent way too many years trying to be the bigger person, and to act in a way that is normal, and that is expected and accepted by the fertile society. I can’t do it any more. I owe it to myself – to my body, my heart and my emotions to keep myself from exposure to certain situations.

So I never called her. She didn’t call me either. I don’t know if it was because she didn’t know what to say, or because she felt guilty for being pregnant, or if she didn’t want to jinx anything for me if I was trying again.

In November, she pinged me online and asked me how I was doing. I told her all about CCRM and Dr Schoolcraft and that he had found my uterus to be T shaped and that I’d gone through surgery to fix it.

My cousin wouldn’t buy it!! She kept asking me how come no other doctor had seen my uterus shape to be a problem. She kept saying I shouldn’t do the surgery because it did not sound right (and yes, my cousin is a doctor, so she does understand what I’m talking about). I was a little agitated at that conversation. What did she think were my options? Question Dr Schoolcraft’s judgment, and refuse to have the surgery done, when I knew that Dr Schoolcraft is amongst the best in this field? How would my chances at ever having my own baby improve if I didn’t do the surgery? And it was beside the point that I had already had the surgery!!

December 30 – my cousin sent me an email saying “I am not contacting you because I don’t want to jinx it if you’re pregnant. I know you went to Denver, and perhaps you’re expecting but are waiting for enough time to go by for it to be safe for you to announce.”

Something about her assumption about me made me mad! I didn’t even want to make the effort to explain to her what was going on with me, that I was yet to go to Denver for my IVF. Perhaps I felt jealous too, that she seemingly had a smooth sailing, and I was forever in waiting mode, praying fervently and keeping my fingers crossed that my next chance should work!!

She called yesterday. I didn’t bother to answer the phone. This morning my mom told me that my cousin had had a baby boy a few days ago. The baby boy who was due on my baby’s due date. He came a couple of weeks early.

Yes, I spoke with my cousin. I congratulated her. I heard about her labor and how quickly my nephew was here. I heard about how he is sleeping through the day, but cries a lot when he's awake. I heard how he has a head full of hair. I heard how much the baby looks like his sister. I was brave through the conversation. I updated her on my life. I hung up the phone, went and sat in DH’s lap and broke down.

Why must it be so hard? Why why why? Why must we have to deal with SO MANY raw emotions? All at once? I find myself going and lurking on the pregnancy boards. Women who got pregnant when I got pregnant are putting up their newborns’ pictures. I managed pretty well to be forward thinking and not think about dates and what could have been. But it’s hard. It’s bloody hard!! 

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve really totally lost it……. This current me is SO far removed from who I used to be. I wonder if I’ll ever find me again….

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So far so good

I started the estrogen patches last week. So far the schedule has been:

Feb 5: 1 patch
Feb 7: Change patch and replace with 1 patch
Feb 9: Change patch and replace with 1 patch
Feb 11: Change patch and replace with 1 patch. Check estradiol.

I went in for my E2 level today. They wanted the level to be above 50, and mine came back at 140. The nurse was super excited. I wanted to tell her to bite her tongue and not jinx anything for me. I don't want "the evil eye" on this cycle at all! 

I have to now move on to 2 patches on Friday, then 3 patches on Sunday, and 4 on Tuesday. I go in for an u/s on 2/19. On the 20th, I start my beloved (not!!) progesterone suppositories. Another blood test on 2/22 and we'll be all set for ET on 2/25!! 

I have to tell you of an incident that happened this morning at the lab. I was signing in for my blood work, and just as I stepped away from the counter, someone else walked up with a CCRM lab slip in her hand. So of course I asked her if she went to CCRM and we got talking. She did some cycles locally and then finally went to Dr Schoolcraft in CCRM. She did her ET on 1/23, and got her BFP last week. I felt so much hope from talking to her!! She also told me the name of the high risk pregnancy OB that she's seeing. That made me feel even more hopeful, and I'll explain why. 

With my first pregnancy that ended in a m/c, I was given a list of MFM high risk doctors to see, and I had made an appointment with one of them. My m/c happened before my appointment with her, and since then I somehow had this feeling in my mind that I would not go back to that list. Somehow, I can't picture myself going to that building in And because I can't picture myself seeing those doctors, it had started making me believe that I will never have my own child. But of late, I've been thinking I'll probably find another doctor - someone outside of that list. Lo and behold, I meet this woman, and she gives me a name - and apparently this doctor has done some research work with Dr Schoolcraft as well!  

Coming back to the lab this morning. I got called in for my blood draw, and when I came out, she got called in. So I didn't take her full name or number or anything. I only know her name is Jennifer. I wish I had exchanged contact details with her! She was so helpful! In the few minutes we spoke, she gave me her experience of the acupuncture, the transfer, and so much more! 

Some bullet point updates:

  • We have decided that we will do the acupuncture at CCRM. Many of you have recommended it, and we agree that given the fact that we've come so far and spent so much, a few hundred more won't matter in the long run! 
  • I heard that the prescription prenatals I'm on ( One) is being recalled by the FDA (April - were you filling a prescription that the pharmacy called you about? I know you mentioned they told you the prenatals were being recalled) I asked CCRM and they said they would give me a new prescription, but I could finish the bottle I'm on right now. So I'm trusting them with that. 
  • Some of you asked about how I was planning to dispose of my sharps. One time about a year or so ago, I carried that whole container to a pharmacy to ask them if they would dispose it for me. They refused. I went to another place. They refused too. So I brought everything back home, and as of now, the intent is to keep them as my trophy. Something to remind me of this phase of my life - and just looking at the number of needles I have in that box makes me feel brave and strong! 

Monday, February 9, 2009

Acupuncture opinion

Not much to report here - I'm still doing my Lupron shots every evening, and changing my E2 patches every other day. I have my first E2 blood work on Wednesday. I hope the numbers look good. Removing those patches is ~ lets just say ~ NOT my favorite activity! Ouch! Those damn stickers hurt!! 

And I'm not very fond of the glue residue they leave behind. I've been clawing the glue out with my nails, and yes, I know that's probably not the best thing to do. I tried lotion etc, and nothing helps. DH suggested trying to rub the glue out with one of those hundreds of alcohol swabs we now have, courtesy of a fresh new box coming in with every prescription that includes injections and syringes! I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Although I had a wilder idea - has anyone heard of "Goo Gone"? I'm wondering if I should try that to remove the glue "goo". Probably not, I know! :-)

Coming to another thought on my mind - acupuncture.... I had done acupuncture before my last IVF cycle in May / June 2008. I did not go back to the acupuncturist after that pregnancy didn't work out. By the time we got started on this IVF cycle, so much more time had gone by, and I just never took up the acupuncture routine again. Reasons being multifold - financial reason being the biggest one. So here we are, in between ER and FET, with no acupuncture at all. 

CCRM offers pre and post transfer acupuncture at their clinic, and I haven't confirmed to them if I will take it or not. What do you think? We know acupuncture helps in de-stressing the mind, and also in channelizing the "chi" or energy flow in the body, but usually it needs about 10 - 12 sessions for the benefits of acupuncture to kick in. In isolation of any other sessions, will the pre and post transfer sessions help in any way? Part of the deciding factor is cost, but if the benefits of the 2 sessions are substantial, then a some more $$ on this cycle won't matter in the long run. 

Any of you who have done a cycle at CCRM - did you do the acupuncture? If you did - what made you decide for it, and did you find it worthwhile? If you didn't, what made you decide against doing it? 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Here we go again!

First it was fertility waterfalls (made famous by Nicole Kidman), now it is fertility statues?

Ripley's Believe It or Not! has this exhibit of some statues, and apparently over 2000 women claim to have become pregnant after touching these statues! The fact that the statues are placed in a place called the "Odditorium" speaks for itself, no? 

I'm wondering if I'm cuckoo enough yet to fax them a copy of my palm!! 

Myrtle Beach, anyone?

Here are some of the links:

There are many more articles out there. If you just google "ripleys fertility statues" you'll be amazed at the number of results it throws up! 

I'm just stupefied at these stories! Don't know what to make of them! Now, if they said they could CURE infertility, then it would be a whole different story, eh? 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Patchy, foggy, cloudy

I started my E2 patches today. This time I have the "dot", so it's a much smaller sticker, and I hope it will be easier to deal with than the ones I had used for my FET that got canceled in 2007. The hardest part about those was removing the stickers. My skin was not happy at being ripped at again and again, and by the time I had to increase the number of patches that were being administered at the same time, I had run out of room on my tummy, and had to use areas that were used earlier. Also need room for the lupron shots! I was happy this morning to see a smaller sticker! (And I have more room on my tummy now than I did in 2007 - all the extra weight that I'm carrying around seems to be serving SOME purpose finally!)

My brain feels sort of fogged out. I can tell that I'm not being as lucid and clear in my head as I usually am. (That may explain my infrequent posting {by my usual blogging standards}).
I know Lu.pron does that to people - the loopy foggy lup.ron brain has been talked about by many a blogger! 

So in my foggy, cotton-wool state of mind, I did what my clear head was not letting me do. I sent out my resume to a couple of companies. I decided that I need to be prepared to move on, and obviously with the economy being the way it is, I may need more time to find a job. So I thought it would help to send out my resume and see what response I get. If these companies start jumping up and down in excitement asking me to join them (Yeah right! Who am I kidding?), then it's a decision we'll make depending on what happens over the next few weeks.

The more likely outcome is probably going to be a lukewarm one. There's hardly anyone hiring out there. So we'll see. I think I needed to send the feelers out, so I know. 

On another note - my sharps container is filling up. There's almost no room in it any more and I still have over 2 weeks of Lu.pron syringes to dispose. It's the large container, so just looking at it reminds me of how long and hard this journey has been. Last night as I was throwing away my syringe after my Lup.ron shot, I was joking with DH, saying "If our child EVER throws a tantrum, or EVER whines or complains about anything unnecessary, I'm going to show him/her this container, and say, I didn't flinch while sticking all those syringes into my body for you. You have basically signed away all your rights to whine in front of me!" 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My body on medication

My body on medication is the most dependable, on schedule, per calendar body that one could want!

My FET calendar showed that AF should show today. And she did. Amazing what medicine can make your body do huh? Considering AF was last visiting just over 2 weeks ago. 

So anyway - she's here, and I get to start my E2 patches on Thursday, change patches every second day and go in for E2 blood work on the 11th, 19th and for P4 blood work on the 22nd. I have to have a lining check on the 19th as well. 

We fly out to Denver on 2/24 and will head straight to CCRM. They need us to sign some consents (without which they will not thaw our blastocysts!). These consents need to be notarized as well. One option was for them to send us the consents here. We would then have to get them notarized and mailed back. The nurse said she could notarize the consents for us herself, but for that we'd have to meet her the day before the transfer. We decided that was the easier option. 

We got a great deal on our hotel stay for this trip. Crestwood Suites for $34 a night! This is a queen bed studio suite, with kitchen, wireless internet, and free breakfast! The hotel is located a little farther from CCRM than the one we stayed at the last time but since we go to CCRM once for the consents and then the next time for the FET, and after that have to spend the remainder of our stay there with me being on bed rest, it really doesn't matter! At almost a third of the price of the closer by places, it's a steal! 

We've never stayed at a Crestwood before (honestly I'd never even heard of it) so I hope it turns out as good as it looked on the website! 

It's happening - FET is coming up. I've told AF this is the last time I'm allowing her in my house for a long time to come. She is not welcome for say the next 10 months or so! 

I'm excited to get the ball rolling - can you tell? :-)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Incoherent rambling

Isn't it natural to be stressed? I mean, we aren't playing cards here. Isn't not a fun endeavor. It's not something we're trying for the heck of trying it. We've invested close to 8 years of our lives towards this goal. Isn't it natural to feel anxious? 

DH and I have been married for close to 12 years, and TTC for close to 8 of those. We have been TTCing for 75% of our married lives! Roadblock after roadblock, we've stumbled onwards, sometimes hopeful, sometimes not. And now, as we come to the end of our journey (whichever way it ends), we're torn, tired, vulnerable and yes, we're stressed. 

I've put my body through 5 IVF cycles - i.e., 5 retrievals, 108 eggs retrieved, 6 embryos/blastocysts transferred, 3 BFPs, 3 losses, 2 D&C procedures, uterine surgery, and innumerable shots and hormones. Is it fair to expect myself to stay "unstressed"? Is it even possible? 

Despite everything, right now, I'm feeling extremely blessed, and extremely fortunate to have the luxury of 4 normal blastocysts to choose from for this FET. I'm feeling very calm about that - about the procedure per se. Yes, my mind is swinging from very positive thoughts to extremely hopeless ones. And I cut myself some slack - I know it is natural to worry. It is natural to hope, yet worry. 

I worry that this cycle will not work. Then I find myself "knowing" that it will work. Once I reach there, I worry that things will go wrong again (just like they have, each time I've got a BFP in the past). 

Over the last few days, I've had numerous conversations with people who have told me that I need to think positive. Don't stress. Be calm. And each time, after these conversations, I find myself more agitated than I was before those conversations began. I feel like I'm projecting a stressed out, panic struck aura, and that is causing people to give me those "lectures". 

Wouldn't I be unreal if I were able to skip along my days without a care? Wouldn't I be weird if I did NOT stress? I'm a little tired of people "worrying" about my stress levels. That stresses me out more! 

Again, I've been feeling very relaxed mentally since our vacation, and since we got the PGD results. And unfortunately, it is now, when I'm feeling calm, when people are telling me to relax!!!! 

I'm sorry if my post is rambling - I'm feeling ruffled mentally, and I'm not being able to collect my thoughts very coherently right now.