Thursday, December 18, 2008

OK - it's official

I think it is the Dexa.methasone. I was awake many times last night too. So it's not total insomnia - as in, I do fall asleep, but I wake up ever so often!

Well then, we'll have to get used to it huh? I'm not complaining, maybe this is practice to wake up every hour AFTER the baby is here!! LOL!

Since I woke up so many times in the night, I'm not sure if what I am about to relate was a dream, or was it my mind drifting and imagining things while I was awake. But I had very vivid images in my mind when I finally woke up. I dreamt/visualized that DH and I are in a hospital. I have just had a baby - and may I tell you it is the CUTEST baby in the world! :-)

We create an email account for the baby, (and I even have enough details that it was a g.mail account hahaha). We attach a picture of the baby, and the baby sends out his own birth announcements individually to family and friends.

Now if I could just make that vision come true!!

On another note - everyone out there - if you are ordering a bunch of drugs for injectable cycles or IVF, and your shipment is delivered to you with all medications in it in bulk, ALWAYS make sure you double check.

Make sure you get a copy of the prescription from your doctors office (if they send it directly to the pharmacy), and make sure you check off what you've received.

During my last IVF, and this one, I have noticed medications that are missing. Last time it was Menopur and I had to buy it locally since the mail order pharmacy was out of stock. This time it's Folgard. I've been following up since last week, and after several false promises (It will be shipped out today, It will be shipped out tomorrow), today I found out that Folgard as a brand is being discontinued, and the pharmacy needs to check with my doctors office if they can send me an alternate. And of course, they somehow don't think it's important to inform the patient when they're out of stock, or when they aren't including part of your prescription in the shipment!

So ladies - don't assume you've got all your medication when your pharmacy sends it to you. CHECK the list!!


Anonymous said...

Good advice!

Anonymous said...

oh wow! I'm so glad you checked!

Dora said...

Oh, yeah. I was missing about 6 vials of gona1-f on my first order.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Good to know about the meds!!

Per your question -
I lived in Calcutta India for 4 months (02), Lahore Pakistan for 6 months (86) and I spent two Christmas vacation (20 days each in 98 and 99) in Islamabad. I've traveled around Pakistan some - mostly in the north, but I only spent time in New Dehli outside of Calcutta.

I love the food! I'm getting hubby to like chana. I still haven't made dal, but I do make chapatis. I really want to learn to make a good chicken curry. Do you have any good recipes?

Misty Dawn said...

I'm not sure what my insomnia is caused from .....the Dex or the Prozac the RE has me on, but I do suffer from it. Too hard to tell. LOL

Ive never gotten a med order that big. My orders only consist of 2-6 vials of Follistim, so it would be hard for them to miss one of those. I couldn't imagine getting that many meds in the mail at one time. ~whoa~

Lorraine said...

It's definitely the dexamethasone - I took mine at breakfast and I still had to wait until after midnight to even try to sleep - I had to be really exhausted before I even lay down or I'd just lie there for hours.

Luckily, it seemed to get a little bit better over time...

Lisa said...

good thing you checked!! sorry for the insomnia...:(

margelina said...

I don't get costumer service these days...especially when it comes to something as important as your medications. Ugh! Cute dream...I hope it comes true!

Polly Gamwich said...

I'm on DEX too! And I keep waking up all night TOO!! I thought it was the stress of anticipation.

I'm exicited that your trip is coming so quickly.

And seriously - gotst to check the IVF order! They always give me antibiotics or progesterone that does not show on the calendar, so I always call up and ask - now, what's this??

Better to be safe than sorry.

April said...

:) arg. insomonia. sucks.

the dreams *are* fun, though...


Shelby said...

Thanks for the head's up on the med business (side effects and checking for supply). After calling around the entire Bay Area and being sent to a pharmacy 40 miles away for plain old Menopur, I'd rather not face that again. Of course, that was the result of our lovely and many times incompetent HMO here in the Golden state.

I look forward to hearing how everything is progressing in Denver when the time comes. I will be keeping you in my thoughts!

Heavy heart said...

I have heard that just before you fall pregnant you get dreams of your child..I have been willing myself to have those dreams.. but not yet..:) Touchwood for you!