Monday, November 3, 2008

Appliance breakdown!

We have this silly joke where we say "My bad luck is good these days" or "My good luck is bad these days". That's what is happening here in this house!

A week ago, the dishwasher collected a whole bunch of water on the bottom. Soapy water. We pulled out the user manual and did everything we could to troubleshoot. Didn't help. We tried everything we could, then I finally hand-washed 2 days worth of dirty dishes at one shot. We know a plumber in our neighborhood who came and fixed the dishwasher. It was a silly silly problem. The water outlet had got blocked with some metal pieces (not sure where the metal pieces came from!). 

Yesterday I noticed the freezer temperature on the front control of the refrigerator blinking. Uh-oh. Not good. Out came the manuals. Again, we did all we could. Didn't help. A few years ago, the exact same thing had happened with the refrigerator, and we had ended up having to BUY a new one, because they couldn't fix the broken one. Morons that we are, we bought the exact same model again. When that light started blinking yesterday, I was like - Alright then, this is a goner. DH thought I was over-reacting, and that he'd be able to fix it. 

This morning, he's singing a different song. Obviously, given that now there's water leaking out from under the refrigerator!!! We are now going to be frantically eating things from the freezer and calling for repairman appointments! If history does repeat itself, the repairmen won't be able to fix it, we will have to throw a lot of food out, and we will have to replace the refrigerator!!!

If we have to buy a new refrigerator, I'm not buying a Sam.sung side by side again. We bought it 2 times, and both times it's had the EXACT same issues! I think I'm going to buy the cheapest and hardiest one I can now! Darn it!!!

We could do without these issues right now!! But I guess, we can't choose the issues we get, right? Can't choose the hand you're dealt, just play it the best you can....

On the other hand, my CD3 blood work results came back great. FSH is at 7.9, LH at 5. something, and AMH at something which the nurse said was "excellent". I can't remember the level right now. My FSH is higher than I ever remember it to be - I last knew of it being 3.something. It's still great - I'm 37, and my FSH is nicely under 10. I know it's still all good, but I can't help but notice how much higher it is now! 

(Little confession here. I wanted them to prescribe me Met.formin so I could lose some of the weight I've gained with all these cycles. At first they said they wanted to see my CD3 results. Once they got the results they refused to prescribe it to me! :-( They say I don't need it, and since my hormones are perfectly balanced they don't see any reason why I should be on it! Blah!!!)


I Believe in Miracles said...

Kind of the 'when it rains, it pours'.
Glad to hear the good news on your levels! That's great.

Nichole said...

That stinks about your appliances! But great news on your levels!

Linda said...

Glad to hear that your levels are good! I, too, was a bit suprised by my higher than what I'm used to FSH level. But I've been told that the FSH levels do fluctuate, but at least they're in the normal range. :) Sorry to hear that about your appliances. You're not the only one to buy the same brand time after time. With me, it was with dishwashers and dryers...GE. I never learn. lol Anyway, have "fun" appliance shopping!

Jewels said...

I kwym with the fsh, mine was a 4 i think when I first started ttc. 1 year later it was a 5.7 - that just bugged me how much higher it was in one year.

I hope your fridge is fixable - that is another expense you dont need right now - and if your trying to lose a few lb's. The last thing you need it to have to franticlally eat everything in your freazer ;)

Shelby said...

It's good to hear about our levels!

Yeah, my FSH shot up almost 2 points in a year. Sad that I have proof of my aging beyond candles on a cake. All it says to me is "tick, tock".

April said...

i asked if i could/should go on metformin and my RE said two things: first that you need to be on it for about 6 months to notice any kind of impact and second that the newest research is showing that the effects are minimal.'t sweat it. (i hear you on the weight stuff, though).

congrats on your labs.

(we have a LG fridge and it has been good to us)


Jackie. said...

I am glad that your levels are healthy. Each step of the way, I am getting more and more excited for you two!

Ugh to the extra weight that all this stress and in some cases meds, can gift you. It sucks, and I have experienced it too. I am sorry that you are not going to be able to get your Metformin to help you shed a few. Your doc not giving you a type B medicine is consistent with my experience. My dermatologist would not give me a type B medicine for my (fertility drug induced-- extra fun) melasma unless I went on the pill. No thank you! Just the same, your body is HEALTHY (your uterus is gorgeous!) and you are priming it up so that it's ready to go! Your blood tests are proving it! Yeah!

Appliance Break down: At least you guys give yourself a chance to fix your stuff! We just look at each other with that "duh" look.... Our tool belt has an amex card and a cell phone in it. At least we know what we don't know, and we don't do any permanent damage. Well usually.

Too long. Sorry!

Lorraine said...

We had that same terrible week when our appliances were in cahoots against us - the dishwasher started sparking and smoking mid-cycle, the fridge leaked water overnight and the dryer stopped making heat. We had an entire family of repairmen here with automatic screwdrivers and wet-vacs...

FSH seems pretty good, really! It fluctuates anyway, so you never really know... but compared to mine it seems basically teenagerish!

Lisa said...

Well maybe the appliances breaking but your levels being great is the best sign in the world. Let the rest of the world fall apart, while this cycle goes perfectly!!! i'm so happy to hear that things are starting off so well! And as for the metformin and the weight -- try not to worry about it. All these meds pile on the pounds and it's so hard, but you'll be pregnant soon and it'll all be worth it!!