Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Nity nominated me for this award the other day. Thank you so much Nity! I am always touched by the faith in your posts. I am always inspired by your unwavering belief. 

I am supposed to give this award to two blogs - blogs that have me hooked! There are so many that I'm hooked on! But since I have to choose 2, I'm going to pick Lorraine and April


So for today's topic, I have an incident to relate. Yesterday, I had some stuff to mail out, and I had to go to the post office. Our post office is quite close by, so I decided to walk there. 

As I was walking out from the post office, I noticed a kid coming down the street on a skate-board. He must not have been more than - I'd guess 16-17 - dressed in t-shirt, long shorts, socks and sandals (Yes, YUCK!!) and a baseball cap. He crossed past me as I walked home. 

A few yards later, he came up from behind me again. I stepped aside on the sidewalk so he could pass by. He didn't want to pass by apparently! He wanted to make conversation. Huh? Conversation? With Me?? 

Him: Hi
Me: Hi
Him: What's your name?
Me: (While wondering where this came from) Why?
Him: Why?
Few steps in silence. 
Him: Did you go to the post office?
Me: (Thinking - Yes - you saw me coming out of there, so why are you asking?) Yes
Him: Do you live around here?
Me: Yes.

By this time we came to an intersection across which is a little dog park where DH was playing fetch with Simba. I cut across the park and joined DH. The skateboard kid circled around all the time we were at the park. 

The reason I'm relating this story here: IF has taken my sense of humor away also! I should have been amused / flattered even, that a kid was making conversation with me. The only thing I could think of was "You want to talk to me? I have a long long long sob story that you're not going to want to hear!" The other thought it my head was "Kid, I'm almost sure your mother is younger than I am, so quit acting funny and go away!"

Sad. I need to get my sense of humor back.....

** Update** I just realized that I didn't mention that I was creeped out by this little fella. Completely. I was so glad that this incident had happened pretty close to where DH and Simba were, and that DH is a big man, and Simba is a huge German Shepherd. 


Dora said...

That's kind of cute. Creepy, but cute.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Weird. I've lived in enough cultures that I'm very wary of anyone coming up and talking to me randomly. Especially men. Maybe I'm slightly paranoid? I like that you can blame it on your sob story though.

So I'm a clicker for IVF... and I found this blog that I thought you might like: http://ivfinglife.blogspot.com/
Candi has a T shaped uterus...

Ok. Enough said.

You totally deserve the award, my dear.


nancy said...

~giggle~. I freaking love it when I'm hit on - yes, even by a 17 year old!

Jewels said...

Congrats on the Award!

I was creeped out just reading about the boy - then when you said you need to get a sense of humor I though "geeze - so do I" - It is flattering but still creepy.

April said...

aw, thanks so much ;) this is so nice.

i am always creaped out by people i don't know talking to me....

Anonymous said...

Creeeeeppppyyyy. Poor thing just needed someone to talk to, what do you think he would have said about the shape of your uterus??? You never know!!

Anonymous said...

You are right about being creeped out but now that you are safely with your DH and Simba..you can afford to let out a flattered giggle! Wow! How young DO you look?

Lisa said...

Okay - I am sorry - that sounds creepy - all my friends tell me that I live in a dark and scary place because I just don't trust most people - who knows, he could have been a freaking stalker, etc. etc. I carry pepper spray and I will use it! My hubby is afraid I will spray some innocent man looking for directions some day...

Linda said...

Ok. I thought the kid on the skateboard was going to tell you that you dropped a letter/stamps or something, as you just came from the post office. But since he didn't, that's a bit creepy. You never know in this day and age. Glad that your DH and Simba was nearby. :)

margelina said...

Congrats on the award. Hmmm..you just must look like a hot, young thang! Cute story.

Lisa said...

I know. Sometimes IF totally messes with us and makes us so standoffish. Paranoid. And such loners!

But honestly, I think anyone would have been creeped out by a 16 year old like that. I mean, WHY was he talking to you? Kind of funny. either he was really lonely. Or hitting on you! He he.

Anyway. Hang in there!!

Polly Gamwich said...

I'd a been creeped out too. But I'm a creep magnet - I think it's cuz I look like I'm 15. Yikes.

I too am glad DH and doggy were nearby.

Where oh where did IF steal our sense of humor to?

Lorraine said...

Thanks for the award! Very flattering...

I have to say, I am always suspicious of creepy possible situations. It never occurs to me that someone is simply being nice or attentive - I always figure there is some kind of scam playing. Sad to say, I tend to be rather pessimistic.