Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New pup?

We brought Simba home when he was 6 weeks old. This was right after our 1st IVF had failed. We had such a need to parent and nourish, and since we both love dogs, we went and brought him home.

He turned 3 a couple of days ago. He has brought us so much joy and love that it's unbelievable. He is almost human in his interaction with us. He has an amazing vocabulary of human words. You tell him to get his toy, and he brings a toy to you. You tell him to get his bone - he drops the toy and goes gets his bone. At 5 PM every evening he comes and whines at you to take him to the park so he can play fetch.

I spent a large part of this morning standing by his food bowl so he would eat. It's warm today, and when it gets warm, he doesn't like to eat too much food. But I worry that he needs to eat. I realize I am a normal worried mom - I worry about him like he's my own baby. And he is....

So with things happening in the last few months the way they have, specially more so in the last couple of weeks, I have another big urge to bring home another little pup. Simba is a German Shepherd, and he's pretty big now. I don't know if we can handle another big dog. Maybe a medium size one? I've started looking on Craigslist, and I even asked Simba what he thinks. He just whined back - I'm taking that as a YES! :-)

Watch this space - we may have an addition to our family soon. So what if it won't be human??


Earl Gearl said...

That sounds like a ton of fun! Can you upload picturs of Simba?

Nikki said...

Sure I can - I'll do that soon. He's too cute :-)