Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The basics!

I got this packet in the mail from CCRM with the costs and details of everything. It also instructs me to "make sure I have my health and physical exam done, along with a pap smear within the last 12 months". 

My last exam was exactly 12 months ago - ok 12 months and 2 weeks now. So we've missed the 12 month mark. And now I have something to schedule and do! 

Then it struck me - Wait, I don't have an Ob GYN any more!! After years of going to RE's and their offices taking care of all my paps and physicals, I have not had the need to go to a basic OBGYN! 

Considering that I have such intricate knowledge of my reproductive system and its shortfalls, I'm finding it funny that I have no idea where to go for a basic health work up! 


Jewels said...

That is weird to think about, I felt strange when I was so active working with my OB durring my m/c, then when I had my last test, they were like "well- see ya when your pregnant again" I felt so lost, I wanted to schedule another appointment, but for what? There is nothing more to do with my OB, now I move on to an RE if I want more visits.

Shelby said...

Lol, me too. I have no ob/gyn to speak of, and yet, I am a speculum MASTER. Kind of sad when you think of it.

g said...

Yah i had todo the same thing.. i hadnt seen my OB since she did my surgery back on '06... So it was lil wierd ... i had to "catch her up" on things... she did my surgery then sent me to the RE... can u go to the Ob u had before? or maybe a friend has one u can goto..?? glad your pursueing CCRM! :) are you going up for the one day workup?? do u know when yet?

Earl Gearl said...

I never bothered to get one in the first place let alone have one I could fire. I hate the doctor search. You can't just trust anyone and that sucks because they are the ones treating people.

Jackie. said...

You already know the profession inside and out (no pun here, seriously, it just came out that way). Maybe you can give yourself your own PAP. You crack me up!!!!