Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wait wait - there's too much going on here!!

Have you ever had one of those days where the hours are racing to get ahead of each other, and all your to-do's are racing to catch up, and then you realize there are additional to-do's that are flying in through the windows, and you need to re-prioritize your list, and get back to letting your to-do's race to catch up with the hours that are running faster and faster? Phew - yeah, having one of those!

So from yesterday - yes, I thought I'd call my old OBGYN. I called, and obviously nobody remembered me anymore (FINALLY - a medical office that doesn't know me by voice!!!). I had last been to my OBGYN in 2003 for my laparoscopy (We were paying out of pocket for fertility treatments then, and I decided to have my lap done by my OB to save some money!)

Yesterday's conversation:

Receptionist: Thank you for calling ____, this is Veronica, how may I help you
Me: Umm, My name is _______, and I wanted to request an appointment with Dr______. I'm an old patient of hers. 
Veronica: What's your name again? Can you spell it?
Me: OK ___________
Veronica: What's your date of birth?
Veronica: OK here you are. You haven't seen Dr_____ since 2003?????
Me: That is correct
Veronica: You'd be considered a new patient, and Dr______isn't accepting new patients anymore!
Me: OK - set me up with any of the other doctors
Veronica: To see a doctor the earliest available date is in November
Me: How about a nurse practitioner?
Veronica: Let's see now - maybe I can put you in sometime in October...
Me: Nothing earlier?
Veronica: No
Me: OK, Thanks, I'll find someone else.

I mean, seriously - these OBGYNs should be FIGHTING each other to get to do my pap! Don't they know they have a chance of having their names included in history books as being one of the doctors involved in getting ME KU, and thereby solving one of today's most convoluted and complex infertility mysteries? 

I called the next place and stayed on hold till 4 PM when the office closed (so I knew they wouldn't answer anymore anyway). I gave up and thought I'd try this morning. 

Woke up this morning to the rearing head of my old Aunt F. Haven't seen HER in a while! :-)
(At least not in her AF form I haven't seen her in a while!)

So - I called my RE, who thinks this is for sure AF. I called CCRM, and guess what - yup - I'm seeing Dr Sch next week, on the 11th!! YAY!! 

DH had some frequent flyer points, and we got free tickets for both of us! And we're all set - I can't believe how quickly this fell into place! CCRM says I can get my pap done later - I don't have to have it done right now. 

Woohoo - my trains rolling too! I mean, at least to find some answers. Doing a cycle is still months away.......but, something's rolling!


Shelby said...

Woohoo! That's great news. Nothing feels better than getting the ball rolling...well, except when the ball stops because everything worked out as planned. I hope your IF mystery is solved soon!

Jewels said...

Ahh, yay for real AF and being in motion.
I'm a bad patient, I dont know if I should confess this but I will, I tell my OB when I call that I think I have an infection, amazing how an appointment opens up,(Me) "Oh and by the way, I'm due for an annual" hrm.... I may have to repent.

Courtney said...

YAY Nikki! I can't wait to hear about your appt. So sorry about the ob/gyn offices, it is like that here frustrating!

Miss Tori said...

When will you be in town? Are you staying long or just in and out? If you want to meet in Colorado Springs for dinner let me know.

Jackie. said...

This is great news!!!!!