Monday, September 22, 2008

Yoga for Fertility

If the picture above is small, please click on it and open it larger. It is worth a read, because it is worth the laugh!

Darya sent this to me today, and it really cheered me up. This is my effort to pass the cheer along. This is a page from the website of the Yoga studio Darya goes to. They are called Pulling Down the Moon, and I wish they had a location local to me. This is the attitude we all need to deal with IF!!

I had a good laugh - and hope you will too!


Shelby said...

Lol. Do you think my coworkers would look at me like I'm crazy if I did this pose every time someone asks when I'm having kids? They always seem to ask this in meetings, so it should be interesting...although the conference room table should be big enough to stretch out on.

g said...

LOL it made me laugh too! thanks for postin!

Jewels said...

I Knew I recognized those ladies, I just bought the book "Fully Fertile 'pulling down the moon'" and I'm on a support group from FF (a bunch of girls who got together to get fully fertile using this book as a guide). I'm so excited about it.
I wished we had fertility yoga here in SLC too. But I did buy a yoga mat, block and strap to do it at home. I'm only on page 39 (I think) so I haven’t seen that pic yet. But I love it already, I'll be practicing that one fur sure ;)

Now I'm just trying to get used to eating and drinking warm foods so I dont get a "Cold Uterus" ((shrug)) - I should do that yoga move over that one - lol

Darya said...

There is a yoga DVD that they sell which follows the book. I think you can buy it online.

Earl Gearl said...

You've been tagged! Details on my blog!

Jackie. said...

Hmmm.... I wonder if my acupuncturist is actually poking holes in my forehead in the shape of a "W" for shits and giggles.