Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Steps towards Baby

Small progress report here.

I FINALLY got a regular OB GYN to see me. I just pulled the name off a hospital's website and got an appointment, and I have to say - I LOVED her. Very kind, gentle, sympathetic and funny! I told her about my IVFs and losses and she asked me how I was doing emotionally. My eyes teared up and my throat choked. I managed to tell her I was doing ok. But it made me think how raw I must be inside to want to start crying at one kindly put question!!! Coming from a stranger at that!

So a small part of my "homework" from CCRM is done. I have had my annual exam, and my pap smear. Now I wait for the hospital's radiology department to call me with my mammogram appt. 

Aunt F is refusing to visit my house. If anyone has seen her, please send her to me. I need to get moving with my life. Have surgery to schedule, IVF to plan, tickets and hotels to book! Can't wait around here forever!! Hear that Aunt F??? Hurry up now, will you?

On a different note - I want to request you guys to stop by and offer Darya some love and support. She's hurting right now. She got a BFN today on a HPT she took. She is right now waiting for the results from her official blood test. She's feeling a little blue, and could use some love.


Shelby said...

I too have found myself tearing up at a simple question such as that. It's lovely to see that you found a doctor who was so wonderful!

Darya said...

Hey Nikki,

Thanks so much for asking your cyber friends to reach out to are so thoughtful and I am really touched.

IF sucks but the one good thing is that I have had the opportunity to meet you along with so many other wonderful women. Today was a really hard day for me and you were there in ways those closest to me can't be. Thanks Nikki. You're the best.

Jackie. said...

I'm sorry about your emotional out pour with the obgyn. I'm glad that she realizes it's is indeed emotional, and had the sense to ask. I think that you got super lucky with your random pick!

Come on, AF. Don't act like an MF. Times a'wasting. Niki's got people to see and places to GO!

Lorraine said...

Finding a great doctor (randomly, even) is such a nice counterpoint to the usual stories of abrupt nurses, distracted doctors... seems like a good sign, so I hope everything else goes accordingly.

I think your "aunt" got lost and ended up at my house - while I was still on the bcps!

Lisa said...

I know exactly what you mean by tearing up at simple questions. I had someone the clerk at the grocery store, ask me how my day was going, and I could barely hold back the tears!

I'll be doing an AF dance and hoping she comes your way soon!!
It's great that we'll be almost on the same schedule with CCRM!!

Hang in there, she'll show soon.