Friday, October 24, 2008

NIAW and updates.

I'm so bad. I had all these grand plans of really spreading the awareness this week. I had planned I'll make a video or a slideshow and send it to people, put it up on You.Tube etc. I haven't done anything. The whole week has gone past and I haven't made anybody aware in any way. 

I will try and make up for this tomorrow. This weekend is also our 1 year anniversary of our first BFP. So I know I am going to want to slow down tomorrow, and want to think about last year for a while, think about how things could have and should have turned out. I know I'm probably going to be a mass of emotions, and that may be the best time to spread some heartfelt awareness. 

Some updates - I spoke with the nurse at CCRM, and asked her the questions that I had. I wanted to know if I could get my balloon removed here, 10 days after the surgery. I also wanted to know if my 1 month followup could be done here, and if we could send the reports to Dr Schoolcraft, or would he want to do a hysteroscopy himself. She said the best person to answer these would be Dr Schoolcraft, and that the best time for him to answer these questions would be either pre-op when he meets us on Tuesday, or post-op when he knows how much work he has done on my uterus. 

Just to be on the safe side, I called Dr M's office here, and have set up an appointment for him to take my balloon out. If I need to cancel it, I will. I didn't want to wait till I came back from Denver. What if they can't squeeze me in then? I'd be stuck with a balloon in my tummy! 

CCRM still hasn't received the reports from my pap smear and mammogram. I'm wondering if that is strange. It's been 2 weeks since the mammogram, and 2.5 weeks since the pap. I haven't received any updates either. I don't know how long mammogram reports take, but I am sure I don't remember waiting 2.5 weeks for a pap report. (Yet another note to self - follow up on this as well!!!) 


Lisa said...

Sounds like it's been a long couple of weeks. Hang in there, and I hope you get your results soon!!

Jackie. said...

You're almost there. I'm with Lisa. Hang in there, you will be getting your results soon. Lots of hugs.

April said...

PAP results generally take a minimum of 2 weeks at our office, but it really depends on the lab that they use.

Sounds like things are moving along, though, which is good.

How do you like CCRM so far? I am having a hard time trying to decide if we should get a second opinion. We have only done one IVF, but we have to pay for the IVF part out of pocket. If we are paying $9K here, we could pay it in Co for the best chances, right? How and when did you decide to go there? I go back and forth...

*hugs* april