Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My upcoming surgery

Some people have asked me what exactly is going to happen during my surgery next week. I'm going to attempt to give some information here, but this is from my understanding of what Dr Schoolcraft said, and from my research on the internet following my meeting with Dr Schoolcraft. So what I'm going to describe ~may~ be all wrong. Take it with a pinch of salt.

So you do know that I have a T shaped uterus (according to Dr Schoolcraft). * I must note here that I am trusting his diagnosis, although he has been the only doctor that has made this diagnosis for me. In the past 7 years, several doctors have seen my uterus - either in ultrasounds, or in HSG, or via hysteroscopy etc. The only thing the other doctors have mentioned is that the top of my uterus has a dip downwards. But nobody ever mentioned anything about the rest of my uterus. 

The surgery is basically a hysteroscopy. There are 2 types of hysteroscopy. One is diagnostic hysteroscopy, and the other is operative hysteroscopy. Diagnostic hysteroscopies are done while the patient is awake (like what CCRM does during the 1 day work up). Operative hysteroscopy is done under conscious sedation. Conscious sedation is much lighter than general anesthesia - it only puts you to sleep, and you can be woken up when the surgery is over. I believe patients are known to respond to verbal commands while they are under conscious sedation!! (Makes me think of hypnosis!)

From what I have read on the internet, it appears that this particular surgery (to correct the shape of the uterus) is called a "Metroplasty". The procedure is simple (apparently :-) )

The cervix is dilated, and a hysteroscope is inserted. With the insides of the uterus now visible via camera, they proceed to "trim" or "scrape" portions of the uterine walls. The attempt is to make a larger uterine cavity. Once this is done, they will insert a balloon into the uterus. The balloon is to prevent the newly scraped walls from fusing and forming scar tissue. 

This much I have understood. Dr Schoolcraft mentioned that the balloon may be removed in about 10 days time. I need to understand how that happens. Am I supposed to make an appointment here with a doctor, or what? They have not clarified that for me. (Note to self - follow up with CCRM on this) 

The nurse mentioned that they would like to wait for a month to see what my uterus looks like after the surgery. Only then do they want to proceed with stims for my next IVF. Again, they have not clarified who will look at my uterus after a month. Do they expect me to be back in Denver in a month? Will they accept reports of a diagnostic hysteroscopy if I have it done here? I need clarity on that as well. 

Next week at this time, I will have a big girl uterus :-) and not one that stopped developing at 20 weeks gestation or something! 


Shelby said...

Lol. A big girl uterus. Never heard that one before! :)

I'm really glad to hear that it's a relatively simple procedure as when you initially described it, I thought it might be a lot more involved. I really hope that your uterus follows the doctor's orders!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Sounds like what they do to create skin grafts - stretch skin with a balloon. I love the "big girl uterus" idea. You are way too cute.
Be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow that sounds like a lot of recovery time?! Are you going to have to stay off your feet during that month? GL! We'll be thinking of you!

g said...

i think Nancy had something similiar to that. well the balloon anyway.. you may want to ask her how it worked... i would also think you posed some good questions.. DR sch may want to "see for himself" so that may mean another trip ?? i will be thinking about your and i just know that you will do great! i had a similiar surgery done for my septum removal.. keep us posted :) (((HUGS))) i just know this wil work!

Nina said...

hey, Just came across your blog by chance...Dr Schoolcraft is my favorite doctor of all times, too! I'm in Colorado right now on the bedrest post ET, and I had an operative hysteroscopy + D&C in March. I'm at the hotel 1.5 miles from CCRM for $59. Please e-mail (you have my gmail user name)if you have any questions - I'll be glad to help, I just went through this process. Good Luck!

Lisa said...

I had a bicornuate uterus, nearly complete, reconstructed about 5 years ago (doc in Philly). Schoolcraft did a lap/hyst on me last December to do some uterine renovation. He worked wonders - he's a really good surgeon so you're in excellent hands. I also had a balloon post surgery and went back to CCRM the month after to have an in-office hysteroscopy so Schoolcraft could make sure all was good. My uterine cavity is now normal sized, which is a good thing since there are now twins in there. Best of luck to you!