Monday, January 19, 2009

Another day goes by

There's still no news on the PGD results. I was hoping everything would be super efficient and we'd have the results on Friday. And then on Friday evening I thought, OK - let's just get through the weekend, and we'll have the results on Monday. Now it's Monday evening. Still nothing. 

My miserable Aunt F decided that SHE should visit me before her time! Well, one less thing I'm waiting for! I don't mind Aunt F per se, but I don't particularly like her baggage. All the cramping, paining, bloating (on top of my IVF bloating), migraine. If only she'd visit, quietly, like a well behaved old aunt. Nooooo - she likes to be mean - she has to bring all these agonizing "cousins" with her!! 

So anyway, since AF was here, and while we're still in limbo about our PGD results, I decided I should at least get onto my BCP protocol or whatever it is that they need me to get started on, ASSUMING we will have a transfer some time next month. I spoke with the nurse at CCRM and got my calendar and schedule running. 

I looked at my old BCP packs, and I had 12 pills remaining across 2 old packs. The nurse had told me she would have me on BCP for 14 days. I asked her if we could tweak that to 12 days, so I could avoid buying a new BCP pack, and using only 2 pills out of it. She said she could, and the bare minimum we needed was 12 days on BCP, so it worked out perfectly. What made it even more perfect was the fact that with the 12 days on BCP schedule, my transfer date falls on 2/25. Dr. Schoolcraft is going out of town on 2/26, and he's booked out heavily till 2/24. So, 2/25 is the only day I could have been squeezed in anyway. So it's falling into place beautifully. 


If not, there is no Plan B. Really - there is no plan B for life. What am I going to do with myself if there is no transfer, and if all this fizzles out over the next couple of days? 

Anyhow, for now, I'm starting on BCP tomorrow. 

Update on my plant - it's still all dried up and brown. For those that asked, it's a bougainvillea, and any tips on a dried up bougainvillea in particular will be much appreciated!


Lisa said...

Hey girl - sorry to hear that AF is being a mean old hag.

I hope you get your results tomorrow - I am a squeaky wheel, I would have called ten times today - I admire your patience.

I am glad the plans are falling into place - I hope that means it is meant to be.


Sarang said...

Thinking of you and hoping everything else continues to fall into place!

Darya said...

I'm sorry you have to wait. I hope that you get your results soon and they are awesome results. Sending you positive energy.

Caroline said...

It's exciting to have the transfer date to look forward to.

I hope that you get the news from the clinic soon. It is hard to have to wait and wait and wait.

Clio said...

Nikki, I'm catching up here. I'm sorry that you still haven't got news. Hopefully you will have embryos to transfer. It seems like a good sign that everything else is falling into place beautifully like you said.
Crossing fingers and toes waiting for news.

Jill M. said...

Gosh, I'm sorry you still have no results. Seems were always waiting. I suggest calling them. I was waiting on a call from embryology on if I had anything make it to freeze. I finally caved and called them and they had the results. Hoping for lots of normals!

Chhandita said...

I think you should call them! It so tiring to just keep waiting... About AF, i have the same problem with AF baggage. But mine is more emotional than physical. I get mood swings a week before AF is due, sometimes even 14 days before!!! man I hate it...((hugs))

DAVs said...

All this waiting stinks!
And AF, what a total hag. I'm sorry things aren't easier.
Hoping you get answers SOON.

Misty Dawn said...

I sure hope you hear something soon...don't they know they have to communicate w/us IF'rs or we will go crazy?!?!?

I'm glad everything seems to be working out for ET. Now we just have to keep the faith for an ET.

Nichole said...

I am so glad everything is falling into place! Saying prayers for the blasts!

I Believe in Miracles said...

2/25 sounds like a beautiful day to me. Praying that everything works and you get your results soon.

Sue said...

Don't worry Nikki. I am sure you will have a trasfer. Just think positive. I'll keep you in my prayers. And sorry that AF is being so mean.

Linda said...

You have a lot more patience that's for sure. I would've already called the geneticist and/or embryologist by now. I hope that when you do get the call, it's great news!

(BTW, I'm gearing up for a February FET, so maybe we'll bump into each other!)