Saturday, January 3, 2009

Getting there

I'm glad we ran around (or drove around) during the last couple of days and did the touristy sightseeing stuff around here. I was able to keep up with the exertion. But I think that's done - no more running around for me for a few days.  Today, I'm feeling the watermelons that have replaced my ovaries! Goodness!! Bye Bye jeans, hello sweat pants! 

Also, the good weather that we were having is gone. It's snowing today, and cowardly me doesn't have it in me to venture out and brave it! 

Follicle factory doing well - things are progressing as planned. My e2 yesterday was at 1138, and today's level is at 1800-something (I forget the actual number) {That's my E2 level, not a 1-800 number for 'something'} 

If you're interested, here is today's follicle picture:

Now for the not so good part. I'm feeling a little nauseous and queasy today. The nurse also cautioned me about OHSS, because I seem to have a big bunch of follicles that are growing in there. She said however, that my E2 levels were good, so I will probably be alright. So I'm keeping myself hydrated, and am trying to eat well as well. (By the way, I had my physical yesterday to prepare for ER, and they found my iron level to be slightly low, and want me to eat iron rich foods)

I hope I don't hyperstimulate - that won't be fun. 

(I think my posts in the past couple of weeks have been so boring. So "journal entry" type and report like. I'm not feeling very creative these days, and really, a large part of the intention right now IS just that - to have a journal of the progress of this cycle. So I apologize if you're getting bored reading, I promise to think of some interesting things to talk about soon!)


Polly Gamwich said...

Things are looking SO GOOD!!! So, how many follies total do they think you have? It looks like 12 from the pic, but there's got to be more with the concern of OHSS right?

I love the follie report - all official and all.

And I'm glad you are having fun while you're there - making a vacation out of it is a GREAT idea!

Mon/Tue trigger can't get here soon enuf!!!

Caroline said...

Hi Nikki,
It has been great to read your updates, and they are not boring at all. I am starting IVF in Feb/March and it is so helpful to read about how you are progressing. Everything seems to be going well for you, and I hope and pray that you have a good outcome. I'll be reading your posts!

Caroline said...

I just read your update on 2008. What a challenging year. You must have felt as if you were pushed to the limit (and beyond). But you sound so strong, and you survived everything that life threw at you. I hope that you are feeling positive. You deserve some good news in 2009.

DAVs said...

I am super impressed with your progress, and how nicely the E2 is staying under control. Like I said before, by day 4 my E2 was already way higher than yours is now, and I think the way you're going is much much better!
Sorry you don't feel great, but sweats have got to help:)

I Believe in Miracles said...

I felt super bloated too. Drink LOTS of gatorade. You can buy powder in the grocery store and just put some in water. And eat lots of protein. That's supposed to help prevent the OHSS.

Looking good!!


Lisa said...

Hey Nikki - the updates have been great. You are not a bore at all - I feel the same way sometimes - but that is why blogging is so great - we are here for the best of times, the worst of times, and the most boring times...

nancy said...

Woohoo! They look great! :)

Sorry we couldn't get together in denver, but bedrest isn't the best place to go visiting from.

Although why didnt' you tell me you were coming down to springs? We totally could have met!

Kymberli said...

I suck so bad with the recent lack of commenting. The holidays and spending time with Chance and Apollo slowed me way down, but now things are settling back to a normal pace. I'm so glad to see that you're stimming so well! OMG, I can't believe that you're so close to transfer! I hope and pray that your BFP is coming in right around the time of my transfer!

Jackie. said...

I hope that you don't go hyper too. slow and steady wins the race, Ovaries!
I am glad that you have such great news to share! You deserve it!!!
p.s. I'm in sweat pants too, but it's because the Moose Tracks ice cream I've been eating.

Chhandita said...

I dont think you can be boring even if you tried! Things are looking good for you. I want everything to go prefectly for you...

margelina said...

I hope you are feeling better today. You are almost there...hang in there! ((hugs))

April said...

i don't find it boring at all. i am so excited for you. it's more like the next episode of a favorite show. ;)

be careful, drink tons, be good.