Monday, July 7, 2008

Now what??

Even the end doesn't come easily! My beta is not going down as quickly as expected. Here is the list of betas so far:

Beta 1 on 6/16 at 8DP5DT: 81.3
Beta 2 on 6/16 at 10DP5DT: 214

On 6/27 I had a stomach ache, so I decided to panic and go to the RE. They found a small gestational sac but nothing visible in it. Beta on 6/27: 640.

They told me that wasn't high enough.

Beta on 6/30: 332. They told me it's falling so I should stop all medication and come back in a week for a beta so they could monitor me down to 0.

Beta today on 7/7: 299. WHAT??? It's not fallen as expected. 

People on WebMD tell me it could take a while longer. I can't believe that even the end will take it's own sweet time! Not fair. I'm really trying to move on with my life here!! This means if I POAS today, I would still get a big fat positive!!! Not fair!

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Anonymous said...

I feel for you Nikks...hope it all works out, and god listens to your prayers. It's so unfair!!!