Thursday, July 31, 2008

Preparing my list of questions for the Doctor

I'm putting my thoughts together about what I need to ask the RE when I meet him on Tuesday. 

I had taken the appointment on June 30, when it was confirmed my pregnancy was not viable, and DH had asked me "Aug 5? So far away? Maybe you should have asked for an earlier date" and I had thought it would be better to wait a month or so, and get emotionally into a better place. HA! Did I know that one month later, I would STILL be waiting for my hormones to come back to normal, and I would still be miscarrying? 

Anyway - the one month is over, and my appointment date is coming close. 

On the testing front, I want to request all the immune tests, any reason that my body behave the way it does. I am going to spend the next couple of days reading up on the various tests. 

On the next steps front, DH and I have been talking. If the RE does additional testing and IF something comes up which is "treatable" or "fixable", we may proceed with our final IVF. If not, we will ask him if surrogacy makes sense. I don't think we can afford to use a surrogate in the US, so we will need to evaluate options overseas.

If these don't make sense, then I guess we take a break from everything for a few months, focus on our business, try and get some happiness and normalcy back into our lives. When we're ready, think about what next. Do we choose to accept and lead a childless life, or will we be ready to adopt and if so, start that process. 

Those are the thoughts so far. I am excited to see the RE and thrash some things out. I'm not sure I am emotionally ready yet for more failure (I am ready to do an IVF, but not ready to deal if things turn out like they have in the last 3 attempts. Once I have some emotional strength back, I will be in a better position to move on)

Even if we do decide to proceed with an IVF, it won't be for 3 months because of the Methotrexate traces that may still be in my body. So I'm in suspended state till then anyway....


Kymberli said...

The worst part of moving on is always "the unknowns". I'm anxious to hear about what your RE says about your chance for success with another IVF.

Earl Gearl said...

Good luck with your appointment. I'll be thinking about you.

dawn71 said...

Good luck, Nikki, we are all thinking of you. You guys seem to be taking the logical steps, and ruling things out first. Good for you.

Jewels said...

Just reading what little I have of your blog, my heart is so heavy and I see why you got the Pink Rose Award. I would give it to you if you didnt have it and give it to me.
~Big Hugs~
I'll be thinking about you.