Sunday, July 27, 2008

Requesting prayers for a friend

My friend Angela is currently 7 weeks pregnant, and on her appointment on Friday, they did not see a heartbeat. She has a repeat ultrasound on Tuesday, but needless to say, she is worried that this won't turn out right.

She has had 3 losses before, and will be devastated if this pregnancy does not work out either. 

I want to request everyone to pause for a moment and pray for Angela and her little bean. I hope things go well for her. I have been in her shoes, and I know how her heart is hurting currently.

Thank you all.


Anonymous said...

Of course I'll pray for Angela, Nikki. Man, though, I left the board for like one month, and all hell breaks loose on your end. I'm so sorry that you are going through all of this, I can't imagine the roller coaster.
Thank you for blogging and giving me a chance to catch up, so to speak.
LOVE the dog. My cousin in New Zealand has two German Shepherds and they are so much fun to take out on to the beach! Ours is a forty pound mutt that everyone says looks like a coyote. Or a dingo.
As for the healing, I wouldn't try to rush anything. There are days when I burst into tears suddenly, and I think, 'Ok, it's going to one of those days, is it?' Then it's definitely time to walk the dog on the beach. Will check in frequently, but for now, hang in there. And if insurance was paying for it, I'd probably do the thing one more time myself. I have just started stims for round 2. Dawns760- haven't quite figured out a username or password.

heavenlytini said...

i'll be praying for your friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Angela,
even though I don't know you presonally I feel like I "know you" because I too have been in your shoes and know how hard it is to go through what you are going through. I pray to God that He may bless u with a baby to love.
May God bless u and your family!