Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To continue blogging

I did not mean to not post anything for so long. Life has it's way of taking the steering wheel, doesn't it?

I've decided to start blogging again - my daily ramblings and thoughts. 

I do want to document everything that has happened so far in our infertility journey. I'll just list events date/year wise, because there's way too much to go into details of everything.

2001 - I was turning 30, and we decided it was time to add to our family. A few of my friends said it would be wise to go see an OBGYN first, just to make sure all was well. All was apparently not well. The doctor told me I possibly had a "bicornuate uterus". I went through IVP, HSG etc, and was told I should not have a problem getting pregnant, but would be considered "high risk" when I was pregnant.

We started trying.

2002 - Still nothing. So I went back to the OB for "treatment". I got put onto Clomid, and did 3 cycles of that. After 3 months she said I should see a fertility specialist. The RE started us with Clomid too - 3 more months.

2003 - Moved on to injectables with IUI. Did 5 attempts of that - out of pocket, since insurance did not cover infertility.

2004 - Other issues cropped up - I injured my knee and had to go through 2 surgeries on that. So TTC was on back burner.

2005 - Back into the TTC game. Did IVF #1. I responded beautifully to the medications. We retrieved 29 eggs. 21 fertilized. 15 made it to day 3. We did a 3 day transfer of 2 embryos, and froze the remaining 13. 2 weeks later, BFN.

For the next year and a half, we fought with each other - could not come to terms with our struggles, and brought in a lot of strain into our relationship. Towards the end of 2006, we decided that we needed to be adults about this, and we needed to focus on it like a project. So we went back to the RE and asked for additional testing. Basically ANYTHING that had been missed. They suggested that we do a "karyotype test". Mine came back normal, and DH's came back with a balanced translocation. 

2007 - Changed RE's - went to one that offered PGD, which would be required for us, due to the translocation. 

July 2007 - FET scheduled. All embryos thawed and PGD'ed. All were abnormal. FET cancelled.

September 2007 - IVF#2 scheduled. 17 eggs retrieved. 10 fertilized and PGD'ed. 1 was normal. We did a 5DT of a good looking normal blastocyst. 2 weeks later - BFP!! I am pregnant!!!!

Week 6 of pregnancy - we see the baby's heartbeat, and all looks good. Week 9 of pregnancy - no heartbeat detected. I had to have a D&C. Tests came back saying the embryo was fine. I have MTHFR mutation. 

March 2008 - IVF#3 scheduled. 14 eggs retrieved. 9 fertilized and PGD'ed. 1 normal embryo - but it wasn't a good grade embryo. But since we didn't have an option, we transferred it on day 5. 2 weeks later, a very very faint second line on HPT. My beta came back at 10.2. The clinic says it doesn't look great, but if the numbers go up, we're good. The beta HcG did not go up. This was termed as a "biochemical pregnancy"

May 2008 - IVF#4 scheduled. 17 eggs retrieved, 11 fertilized and PGD'ed. Joy of joys! We had 2 good looking normal blastocysts to transfer! 5DT done, and 2 weeks later - BFP!! Very healthy beta numbers, growing very well.

Then what went wrong? 2 weeks after the beta, I had a bad feeling that something is not right. Plus I had some strange pain in my abdomen, and some brown spotting. All that is normal, but because of my earlier miscarriage, I went in and got an early u/s done. Small gestational sac, no yolk sac, and falling betas. 

This is my update till earlier this week. 


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