Thursday, August 28, 2008

2nd post - more reminders

The day is not getting easier :-(

I told DH about my picture encounters - one last evening and one this morning. He looked at me and said that's exactly what happened to him this morning. He woke up at 5 AM and sat down to work. Then he remembered me telling him about the pictures I saw last night. So he decided to see for himself. He logged in, saw those pictures and while he was there, he noticed one of his college friends had commented on another friends pictures. He clicked that and realized the pictures were of a baby girl that was born recently. The parents were good friends with DH in college, but DH was not aware of this pregnancy, nor about the birth of the baby. 

A short while ago, I received an email from my college room-mate - with pictures of HER new born baby - born 3 days after my first due date. 

I mean - again, I know nobody means to hurt us. I know they are only loving and celebrating the little lives in their lives. I know the reminders will always be there. You can't run away, you can't ignore, and you can't not react. 

What do you do? 4 reminders in less than 24 hours...... I have to admit I'm having a rough day.


Jewels said...

I wished I could chear you up. I know sometimes it feels good to just be down.
I'm not sure which way to go- but if I could I would send you some of my favorite Chocolates.
I'm going to try some knitting over the weekend for distraction.
I may be a silly one, but have you Read Twilight? It helps sooo much. (for me anyway)
I ~puffy heart~ you ♥

Shelby said...

:( I'm sorry your day is rough. Perhaps you need a little time away from the computer. There are some days when I can't possibly log in to most of my accounts as the reminders are just too much. Just know, you are not alone.

Darya said...

I'm so sorry this was such a bad day for you....((((hugs)))

And you are 100% right: "You can't run away, you can't ignore, and you can't not react."

IF really really sucks for so many different reasons in addition to the illness. I'm so sorry. I think the PP is right- maybe get away from the computer for a few days.

Jackie. said...

It does sound like you are having a really bad day. I am very sorry about that. I am hoping and praying that things turn around for you soon so that you remember who you are again. I am very sorry about your day with all of these overwhelming photos. It's too much. hugs, Jackie

g said...

many many many ((((HUGS)))) it sux that there are so many reminders out there.. i wish i had some great advice for you on how to deal as i dont. i have my own reminders each day its so hard! I guess we just have to try to be the strong as those reminders arent going to go away.. more ((((HUGS)))

g said...

Labor of the Heart: A Parent's Guide to the Decisions and Emotions in Adoption

that is a suggestion for a book.. i know it says "adoption" But it really speaks more about the dealings with IF feelings and how to move on from them.. It has helped me alil(i havent read it all yet).. i couldnt stop reading it... it doesnt sugar coat anything but puts it all out there... just thought i would share...

(((hugs))) just remember NIKKI your not alone! ...

Miss Tori said...


While I've been fortunate that most of our friends have already had their kids, so we aren't faced with having to see new baby pics, we are faced with my hubby's employees getting knocked up.

It SUCKS! These kids, yes they are kids, are getting knocked up left and right and you want to know why the heck can't you get knocked up!! It sure is a perverse world we live in, no doubt about it.

The only comfort is knowing that your friends are respecting you and your feelings. One day you will be able to congratulate them without the inner feelings of resentment. Until then, know that we are here for you and you can always vent to us and we'll understand.