Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Something's bothering me...

After my phone consult yesterday with the new clinic, DH and I were replaying everything in our heads, and suddenly it struck me that something felt odd.

When I set up this appointment, they had sent me forms to fill out and send back. They also said I could send medical records for the RE to review. I sent the forms, along with medical records that I have from my first RE (till my 1st IVF). The rest of the records are with my current clinic.

I asked my clinic to send my papers to CCRM directly, because if they released them to me, they would charge 25 cents per page, and knowing the size of my file, that could cost me 100's! They confirmed to me that they sent everything out on the 12th.

Last week I asked a nurse from the new clinic if they had got both packets (and I categorically mentioned that there should be 2 packets, one from me and one from the clinic) and she said Oh yes, everything is here. (The "big fat file" lady)

Yesterday the RE was talking about seemingly "older" information more than he was talking about things in the last 3 years. It did not strike me till I got off the phone and went through the conversation in my head. I'm now convinced they either did not receive the documents from my current clinic, or they did, but did not file them together, because they arrived separately or something.

  • He talked about the uterus - but in the last 2 years or so, the doctors have been dismissive of my uterus, saying there's a slight indentation, but nothing that's obstructive, and nothing that is fixable. 
  • He talked about a laparoscopy I had had 5 years ago, but mentioned nothing about the hysteroscopy I had last year.
  • He talked about the metformin that I was put on 6 years ago. 
  • He asked me if I'd had surgery to clear the ectopic.
  • He asked me if I've had the Thrombophilia panel and the Antiphospholipid panel 
  • He said he didn't have the embryology and PGD reports from our last 3 IVF's (and I at that moment thought that the lab may have a separate file on me which I didn't think of)
Later when I assimilated everything, I found it odd that he would not know about the fact that I was given methotrexate to end the ectopic. That had to be right on top in my file, because it's the latest thing on me. The Thrombophilia and Antiphospholipid panels have to be right there too. 

I have left them a message this morning and am waiting for a call back, so I can have the nurse coordinator check and trace down my file! 

I'm wondering if the call would have been different, had Dr Sch got and reviewed my entire history!

(I'm also wondering if he thought my file was thick when it contains just half of my records, what would he think when he gets all of it?? :-) Just a thought)


g said...

they are very thorough there..i am sure they got both packages..i think they would have checked and not filed them seperately.. but it is good to double check.. i hope you get it settled and then you will feel better..

Darya said...

Oh honey I hope you are wrong and they had your entire history because that would really really suck if you had to deal with more red tape.

Good luck and keep us updated.

Shelby said...

While CCRM are one of the best clinics in the country, I can imagine that it's hard to take those initial first steps being several states away. Because medical records can pass through so many hands (from the postal service to receptionists to nurses to finally, the doctor), I try to hand deliver them if I can, but you didn't have an option in this case. It's good you're looking into this!

One thought: perhaps he does have all of your records and a. didn't mention some of the newer history as it wasn't as integral as some of the older history or b. asked some of the questions that were in the records in front of him as he had no way of memorizing what he had read previously.

Since they're so thorough (as are you!), I'm sure you'll get to the bottom of this soon.

Chrissy said...

Hey I am in the same boat.
Have you tried reading a book called Tiny Toes , by Kelly Damron?
It really helped me. I'm going through somewhat the same thing and I was feeling a bit depressed about it. So actually my husband went out and thought he would surprise me with a book and turns out he sure did surprise me. I learned a lot from it and I only want to share what I learned!

Jackie. said...

I am glad that you made the call. I think that it is important to confirm what they have. I hope that you are pleasantly surprised! I know that you did loads of research, and this clinic has a great rep, but the truth is, sometimes (human) mistakes happen and things occasionally get overlooked. Best to just find out-- it's all in the name of a better night's sleep AT LEAST. Much luck.