Sunday, August 24, 2008

Facing it

Lauren posted about this on her blog a couple of days back, and I watched this video and it brought a lump to my throat. It's a clip from the movie "Facing the Giants". I have not seen the movie yet (I did immediately add it to my Net.fli.x queue though) but just from this clip, and from reading Lauren's note, I felt something inside. Of late I have been feeling low and like I want to give up - not just on IF, but many other things. This clip made me think maybe this is when I need to give myself that extra push! 

I've been angry and confused and depressed, and have found it hard to see any hope. Maybe this was the message I need right now. 

I will talk about the movie once I watch it. For now - here's the clip. Lauren - thanks for sharing this and for letting me share it too!

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heavenlytini said...

i love that clip sometimes u need to see and hear certain things to keep you going. like when he was saying its to hard, it hurts, i can't anymore. and coach is like it hurts but keep going, its hard but keep going u think u can't but keep going!!!i needed to hear all of those things!!!thanx for sharing that clip!!!