Friday, August 8, 2008


This has never happened before. My clinic has not called me back with my HcG results from this morning. I was told they would call around 2:30 PM. I waited and waited and waited, and I'm still waiting. It is now 5:35 PM, and no call. Needless to say they aren't answering their phones now either! And needless to say, it's a Friday evening! CR*P! Do I need to wait till Monday now to find out what's going on???

The blood test this morning wasn't easy either. The waiting room was FULL. And full of ladies who were there for their pregnancy tests. I could feel the "hope" vibes and the "excitement" vibes - you know, the kinds that people emit when they have cheated with a HPT before going for the blood draw? 

So I picked up a magazine - it was a very old copy of some entertainment magazine. One half of the cover was talking about " Sim.pson - PREGNANT!!!!" and the other half "Mari.ah Ca.rey - How I lost 20 lbs" and I was sitting there thinking - I'm neither here, nor there. Not pregnant, just fat! Fat from all the hormones I've been sticking in my stomach voluntarily!! Just fat with nothing to show for it!!

Finally I got called in, and the lady who was drawing my blood looks at the lab slip and says "Oh, you're here for a pregnancy test?" And my answer was - "Yes, I want my HcG to be 0 today". She looked shocked - wondering why someone would go through fertility treatment and then "wish" for her HcG to be 0. So I explained to her about my ectopic pregnancy, and that it's been 6 weeks that I have been on this roller coaster and I'm tired.

She said she was sorry, yada yada yada..... Bottom line is - it is now 5:44 PM and THEY HAVE NOT CALLED ME YET!! I agree I'm not a "critical" patient for them anymore, but I'm not very "patient" either! I want my results at the time they promise me I'll get them!!!



Jewels said...

The day of my m/c, I went in for a first HCG test, the tech asked "Is this your first pregnancy?" I sobbed "Just lost it" .
Just relating to one of those awkward moments where your going in to watch the levels go down instead of up.

Here's to Zero's Soon but not for long (Here - Here)

Earl Gearl said...

Oh my goodness. That is horrible. Will they call during the weekend or will you have to wait until Monday?

Do you mind if I still comment on your blog?