Monday, August 11, 2008


I'm still reading stuff about the new clinic in CO. Like I said before - the more you find out, the more the chances of getting both good and bad information. Now, armed with the good and the bad, the burden of making the decision lies on us. Let's break this down a little:

We started in 2001, and in 2002, I saw my OBGYN for help. In 2003, we went to a local fertility clinic after doing clomid rounds with the OBGYN. The clinic had us do clomid, and then injectables with IUI through 2003. We went back in 2005 for our first IVF. Then in 2007 we changed clinics and took 2 second opinions. One with a clinic that did not accept our insurance, and one with Dr M. 

Now, 18 months later, we have had our first pregnancies, and our first losses. Dr M thinks it won't hurt us to get yet another opinion. 

The CO clinic:

Good: Higher success rates, more meticulous monitoring and testing. Above all, a fresh pair of eyes. They may see things differently, and may help do things differently. 

I have been reading about how their protocol is different and how closely they monitor everything, and how much higher their success rates are in getting higher, better quality eggs. While that would help us have more to play with, in our case the issue has never really been poor response. The issue has been DH's chromosome translocation. 

Good: Their lab is world class. The culture they use is different from the culture used in our current lab - and the country is sort of divided 50-50 on the 2 types of culture. You never know if our embryos will grow better or thrive better in culture no. 2. Hey - if the new culture can make DH's "good boys" get to my eggs, it will be worth it. Right now, it's always the bad boys that get the eggs, and the embryos turn out with chromosomal abnormalities. 

Bad: Even though my insurance and the CO clinic are in network with each other, I have been reading about large $$ amounts that go out of pocket - some charges are "insurance exempt" or the insurance company will pay lesser than what the clinic will ask for, and the clinic will make us pay the remaining costs from our pocket. Additionally the travel, and stay in Denver while all this is going on. 

Bad: I've read a little bit about the attitude of the nurses at the CO clinic. Not that that will change our decision, but the fact that patients have had issues comes up as a red flag to me. 

However, given all this, even if we pay money out of pocket, at the end of the day if the cycle is successful, it will be worth every last penny.

I am fortunate I have coverage, and with that we have been able to come till IVF# 5, without pausing to think. This would have been impossible without the coverage, so I don't mean to whine about the overhead costs that we would have to pay, considering many many women pay the entire amount themselves. 

So we will not make our decision on money alone, however, that will be a large criteria. Given our job situations, and monetary situation, it would not be a decision easily made. 

I am consumed by reading more and more and finding out as much as I can. 

If only our lives were simpler huh? One cheap bottle of wine, a night of wild abandon and lo and behold, the genes have been passed on to the next generation! 

But no - we will need to think and plan and then decide!! DECISIONS!!!!

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Earl Gearl said...

This part is always the hard part to me. I hate having to make the decisions. I saw a shirt the other day that said "This would have happened sooner if I'd have been a crack whore." Good luck with whatever you decide!