Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's over, and about time too!!

I left the clinic a rather intense message last evening, and I guess I must have sounded pathetic enough, because I was woken up this morning by a nurse calling back with my results! 

My pregnancy is finally over. I am relieved, but am sad that I am relieved. I am also sad that it has ended like this, and I wonder if I'll ever have the strength to try again, or if I ever did get pregnant again, would I not be scared out of my mind the whole time? 

My HcG yesterday was at 4.2 - so it's not 0 yet, but it is finally under 5, and therefore, medically, I am not pregnant anymore. 

It's over......


Earl Gearl said...

This is bittersweet news. In a way I'm glad this is over for you. I hope you can move on soon and put this behind you. You and your DH are in my thoughts always.

Jewels said...

Wow, I cant believe they called you back, I'm so glad they did.
That is so weird that they consider you pregnant if your levels are above 5, I did not know that, kind of weirds me out to think my levels are probably above 5 and I'd be considered still pregnant, I poas and still get positives, thier getting lighter, but still positive.

Jackie said...

I wanted to say thank you for cutting to the chase with the inappropriate post on the board today. That took some serious charisma and guts (period), and considering all that you have been through, it made it even more powerful. You are great. Just great.